Past Pastors

Henry Ruffner was the  principal organizer, and then moderator of the dedication services for the newly established Kanawha Presbyterian Church held March 14, 1819.  He preached occasionally, but never served as pastor of the Kanawha Presbyterian Church.
John McElhenney was a mentor of Henry Ruffner.  He was influential in establishing many early Presbyterian churches.  He gave the dedication sermon for the newly established Kanawha Presbyterian Church.  He never served as pastor of Kanawha Presbyterian Church.
Calvin Chaddock was the first pastor.  The first sermon was given 1 August 1819.  Dr. Chaddock died in 1823.
Nathanial Calhoun arrived and gave his first sermon in January 1826.  He resigned 4 January 1835
Andrew Morrison arrived in August 1835 and remained for two years.
James M. Brown called as pastor and arrived in April 1837.  He served until his death on January 7, 1862.
J. McCulsky Blayney arrived January 7, 1862.  He served until July 6, 1867 when he was succeeded by Samuel Henderson.  Installation requested in September 1865, but never installed.
Samuel Henderson stated supply beginning July 6, 1867.
John Downing arrived in 1867.  Called in July 1868 and his last sermon was given in 1869.
William Geddes and Calvin Barr as co-supply 1869-1870.  Geddes resigned for health reasons.
Calvin Barr is supply through February 1872 when the church divided.  Barr became pastor of the newly formed break away First Presbyterian Church.
James Richards accepted the call of Kanawha Presbyterian Church in late 1872.  He was installed in April 1873 and was pastor until his death on July 30, 1875.
Elisha Cleghorn was stated supply in 1876
Edwin Hall arrived in February 1877 as stated supply.  He resigned in February 1878 and departed April 1878.
Lyman Whiting arrived in March 1878 and preached the following day.  He served as installed pastor.  His last sermon was given on September 9, 1883.
Frederick Stanley was called July 9, 1884.  His last sermon was given on July 11, 1886.  He departed July 31, 1886.
Hugh Torrence was installed in1887 and resigned in 1895.
David Winter was called March 10, 1896.  He resigned July 13, 1898 and departed in July 31, 1898.
Henry Rumer as supply for a brief period from August 1898 to November 1898.
Rhuel Merrill was installed in 1898 and resigned in 1907.
John Waddell was called in October 30, 1907 and installed December 12, 1907.  He resigned in 1913.
John Waddell
Albert Evans was installed on April 22, 1914 and resigned in July 1924.
Rhuel Merrill returned as supply in 1924.  His second period of service.
Warren Stone was called November 31, 1925 and resigned June 1943.
Curtis Jones was called July 1943 and resigned in May 1949.
Bernard Vanderbeek was installed September 1949 and resigned July 25, 1955.
Henry Strock arrived October 1958 as supply.
George Jackson was called May 5, 1959 and installed September 6, 1959.  He resigned December 1, 1965.
John Strock 1965/1966 serves as interim.  He is not listed in the church register.  It is not known if this is the same as Henry Stock who served earlier.
Bernard Vanderbeek was called February 6, 1966 and installed February 13, 1966. He resigned in 1973.
Kenneth King served as associate pastor.  Time period?
Niles Southwick was installed 1973 and resigned 1986.
Graham Hardy was interim during the period April 5, 1987 – February 7, 1988.
Willis Kearns 1988 – 1994
Richard Lamb as supply October 1, 1994 to February 28, 1996.
Todd Baucum was installed in 1996 and resigned in 2001.
Robert Newman was interim pastor 2001 to 2003.
John Davis,  October 1, 2003 to September 13, 2009.
Charlie Ringe, interim pastor 2010 – May 2012
W. Patterson Lyles, May 2012 – Present



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