Music & Arts Ministries

KUPC Choir directed by Ron Neal.
KUPC Choir

Music and the arts are an important part of our ministry here at Kanawha Presbyterian. The Adult Choir provides musical leadership in our worship through the singing of hymns, psalms, responses and anthems. The Adult Choir rehearses each Sunday at 9:00 AM prior to the service which begins at 11:00 AM. The adult choir schedules extra rehearsals when necessary. All levels of musical ability are represented and welcomed, from professional operatic backgrounds, to those still learning to read music.

The Kanawha Grace Ringers, our four octave Handbell Choir plays in worship according to the full membership’s availability in scheduling, and for special events or services. Music reading ability is highly desirable for this ensemble. We have four octaves of Schulmerich and Malmark handbells, and two octaves of Malmark handchimes.

The Children’s Choir is open to all children who show enthusiasm and willingness to learn music by rote or who have developing music reading skills. Musicals are learned and presented in worship each year, with regular Children’s Choir rehearsals each Wednesday at 5:00PM..

Instrumental Music and Ensembles are a frequent part of our services, including solo instrumentalists, string quartets, brass quintets, and other ensembles as needed, depending on the musical work being rendered in worship or concert.

The Music & Arts Council works closely with the Worship Committee, and is comprised of energetic, arts enthusiast members who plan and produce a variety of special musical and artistic ventures including evening concerts, community opera productions, and benefit concerts for local charities.

Reiger-Klauss Organ
Rieger-Kloss Organ

The Facilities and Instruments at Kanawha Church greatly compliment our artistic efforts and include a lovely Sanctuary which possesses beautiful acoustics and a magnificent pipe organ which was built in 1995 by the Rieger-Kloss company of the Czech Republic, and a beautiful 6’2″ Weinbach piano, specially voiced to our room’s acoustics, and for our accompanying needs and preferences. We also occasionally make use of our Technics synthesizer/keyboard in worship which is also playable through one of the keyboards of our pipe organ!



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