Job Opportunity


Kanawha United Presbyterian Church in Charleston, WV

(March 2022)

Part Time – 20 hours per week at $15.00 per hour, salaried employee

Reports to Pastor, Head of Staff


  1. Cleaning (continual, as often as needed)
    • Empty trash cans and replace liners
    • Clean and restock bathrooms
    • Vacuum all carpeted areas weekly and as needed
    • Dust all reachable surfaces weekly
    • Clean all reachable windows and doors as needed
    • Clean tables and chairs in gym as needed
    • Clean all wood and tile floors as needed
    • Run dishwasher for special events
  2. Inside Maintenance
    • Change light bulbs as needed
    • Report damage/breakage of building equipment to office, and when needed, coordinate work/repairs by outside contractors
    • Deliver and pick up equipment for repair as needed
    • Keep custodian closets organized and accessible
  3. Set up and break down various spaces for recurring and special events, including Sanctuary, Chapel furniture, tables and chairs in gymnasium
  4. Open (8:30 am) and check building and grounds on Sundays (walk through building as service starts, secure designated doors, and then unlock after offertory). Close church on Sundays after worship (12:30 pm)
  5. Make coffee on Sundays (and as needed)
  6. Report when supplies are needed (cleaning products, paper products, coffee, etc.)  Receive, confirm, and store shipments of supplies
  7. Outside maintenance
    • Change light bulbs
    • Remove and bag leaves and any trash on lawns or walkways
    • Cut grass as needed
    • Water grass and plants as needed
    • Snow removal
    • Help in coordinating and reserving special parking when needed


Must have car and telephone

Professional demeanor suitable for church ministry expected at all times

Be a part of the worshiping community

* Experience and references required.

* Please call Richard at (304) 356-1861 between 8–5 pm, until April 15th to discuss possible employment and to set up an interview. 



Summer Newsletter available now!

Our Hours

Choir Rehearsal - 9:00 am

Worship - 11 am

Fellowship - 12 noon

Office Hours:

Tues/Thurs/Fri 12 - 3:30 pm

Closed Saturday